The MindScape Course. Anyone can learn and use it!

MindScape Course
  • Educational, interactive, fun, informative and insightful!
  • Supportive; includes time to practice and be comfortable with the learned techniques
  • Gives you confidence to apply your new mind tools immediately into your life.
Mindscape is often described as a “mind blowing course”

The MindScape Course

Course programme:


Day 1:   The HOW & WHY MindScape works, along with learning new tools for your mind.

Designed to give you the left brain understanding and perspective. Introducing and discussing quantum physics principles along with ancient wisdom philosophy that is intrinsic within MindScape.

 Day 1 and 2  Practical and interactive.

Teaching, Q & A and practice of the various MindScape tools and techniques.

Create a ‘virtual workshop’ in your mind; the essence and structure of MindScape.

MindScape KeyThis is your ‘key’ to unlock the power of your mind and unleash your intuition and creativity for life.

During the weekend, you will be led into a deep state of alphamind – deeper than that normally accessed in daily life.

While in this brain wave state, a ‘workshop’ is constructed in the mind. A specifically designed structure called ‘the workshop’ provides an effective framework for mind to access an astounding variety of techniques.

No pre- requisites to the 2 day course (other than course participant must be over 16years of age).

The course has a structured framework, although allows for a unique experience as Jane tailors it to the course participants according to the individual’s requirements.

Each participant receives an attendance certificate along with a comprehensive manual, exclusively for MindScape ( not publicly available).

The method and each tool is explained in detail , along with how to apply to other aspects of life.

Please note: This is a light mediation style course. Participants need no prior experience – the course is designed for everyone to implement with ease.