From the beginning of the workshop, till the very end of it, the subject matter and the facilitation was comfortably learned.

Some BIIIG personal surprises and very worthwhile for me, allowing me the space to reveal an attitude I had and events evolved to help me understand and release.

The other participants were amazingly beautiful people too, thank you Jane!

Sue – entrepreneur

Jane is an amazing facilitator and great at what she does – teaches MindScape. She comes truly form the heart with all she teaches, a beautiful Soul. I feel very blessed , thank you. 

Sabina – Holistic Practitioner

The MindScape course was all I hoped for and so much more! By the end of the weekend I had several amazing experiences and I was confident and able to use all of the tools we learnt. I am so excited to use MindScape in so many incredible and exciting ways.

Thanks you so much Jane for such an amazing gift! 

Rachelle  – author and writer

MindScape is a course that applies the practical aspect of the quantum realm in a very profound and life changing way.

It is universally applicable to anyone and will enhance any aspect of my life – be it as an osteopath, personal growth and awareness, motherhood, health, business and even my pets…simply…my life has been enriched 100% Thanks!

Anne Bengtsson (Osteopath)

MindScape is an amazing opportunity to access and explore your mind, your world and discover more about your true potential in this world!



Jonathan Callinan – Managing Director of Wellness Directory Ltd.