Practitioner Julie is treating a patient in her clinic. As she works, her intuitive mind begins to reveal layers of information on her patient’s problem, information vital for the success of the treatment, which would have normally eluded an untrained mind.

MindScape™ is a 2 day workshop that leads participants to enhance and ‘open’ the powerful latent intuitive ability of the mind.
It is a system designed to give the mind simple, yet highly effective tools to work with, offering techniques that you can tap into via this resource at will, to immense benefit, both personally and professionally.

MindScape™  unlocks your potential as a practitioner, by accessing your intuition and the power of your mind effectively. What is MindScape

MindScape is a unique system created for our modern times and ways, combining the principles of Quantum Physics and Ancient Wisdoms.

Throughout the ages, many individuals and groups have discovered that certain techniques allow the mind to yield its latent powers, rewarding the user with the ability to achieve outstanding abilities and to achieve more in life.

From the indigenous shaman who communicates with nature, to the inventor who taps into specific mental states for heightened creative thinking, methods of mental dynamics have been used to achieve results that often transcend the boundaries of what we have been conditioned to accept as the normal confines of mental ability. Knowledge has always been power, and often these methods were kept secret, passed down to a privileged few.

Today, this knowledge has been streamlined with modern scientific findings and is more available than ever before. These techniques are taught in MindScape™.

The principle of MindScape™ is a simple but highly effective one. There is a particular state of mind, the alpha state (a state discernible experientially, as well as quantitatively using EEG) that is more conducive to creativity and intuition than others.
Renowned geniuses and inventors such as Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Mozart and others have been known to use their own, often crude, ways of accessing this state, in order to originate creative ideas.


 MindScape™ is the modern way to acquire these abilities for life.


  • MIndScape™ provides you with a way of tapping into this state at will.
  • Moreover, it creates parameters that enable you to open new horizons that you may never have thought possible.
  • During the weekend, participants are led into a deep state of alpha – deeper than that normally accessed in daily life. While in this altered state – the Alpha mind, a ‘workshop is constructed’ in their mind, a specially designed unique structure –this is the platform to provide an effective framework for an astounding variety of techniques, accessing deeper levels of ‘ the field’, as referred to by Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Amit Goswami, to name a few.


The benefits and uses of MindScape™ are many. One of the main benefits with MindScape™ is that each person is able to adapt the techniques and tools to whatever aspect they specifically require at that moment in their lives, either professionally or personally.

Professional Practitioners

For practitioners, the advantages are pronounced. Those who have integrated MindScape™ techniques into their professional repertoire have virtually opened a new chapter in their practice.

Seasoned practitioners will be aware of the direction that working beyond the physical levels to consciousness and energy are going, with what is called ‘informational medicine’. This is seen to be the cutting edge approach to health and wellbeing.

MindScape™ imparts a simple structured system to tune in to patients at various deep levels of being.

There are three main benefits of using MindScape™ for practitioners.

  • Through a sharpened intuition one can tune into that physical body part or energy pattern and discern the problem or issue that is key to resolving the client’s challenges.
    At its most proficient, this skill becomes equivalent to actually communicating with the part or energy pattern in question, and spectacular results often follow.
  • Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Counsellors, BodyWorkers, Chinese Medicine, Osteopaths, Colour Therapy, Essence Therapy….. ….all of these practitioners would have added tools and information to access via MindScape™.
  • When one has attained the necessary practice to know when to trust the intuition and information utilising MindScape™, treatments become faster. This is when the practitioner goes straight to the heart of the problem or issue, saving valuable time for the practitioner and often emotional angst for the client.
  • The third benefit for practitioners –is the one that workshop participants usually leave the weekend incredibly excited about.In MindScape™, we not only talk about heightened abilities but also prove them and by the end of the weekend every participant gets to practice the Mental Scanning technique and tune into the universal consciousness (a concept that builds upon Carl Jung collective unconscious).
    In effect, this provides access to various levels of information within this collective, and one of the most spectacular ways to see it in action is by tuning in to people.
    This technique is then able to be translated uniquely for each practitioner’s specific requirements within their clinic work.

Personal Benefits:

  • Enhancing creativity and balanced thinking.
  • Assisting with decision making, relationships, and personal health, financial.
  • Providing an interactive link with the subconscious, and hence opening vast possibilities for self discovery and personal development.
  • Providing powerful methods for manifesting goals.
  • Heightening the powers of intuition to the extent that they can transcend normal boundaries.
  • Training the imagination, as well as relaxing and helping to de-stress both the mind and the body.
The paradigm shift of MindScape™, the way it enhances creativity and intuition, and the wonderful abilities it confers, are all invaluable qualities that put a practitioner on the cutting edge of holistic therapy in general.