Jane Gruebner (The BodyMind Interpreter)
MindScape Workshop

Jane Gruebner’s primary goal, always, is to empower people with a sense of inspiration and joy from within; to know they can create a life that reflects the essence of who they are and a life they love to live!

Jane’s holistic career initially began interestingly enough after working for a number of years in Corporate Management for a leading Health Insurance company! She was constantly dealing with people who still had health issues after trying everything within the orthodox field that they could, with many people not having even satisfactory results and often with the cause of the problem still existing after extensive treatments.

Jane took time searching and experiencing and training in many different health and healing modalities over the past 20 plus years, before finally deciding her heart was with the exciting world and cutting edge of energy work and ‘information medicine’ .

The main premis of this acknowledges ‘the field’, referred to by Lynne Mctaggart, Greg Braden, Amit Goswami, Deepak Chopra…and many more.

The understanding and working with this has been the focus of many years of study, research and clinic work for Jane.

Jane has run a successful clinic based business in both Tauranga and Auckland.

She creates and runs her own workshops, designed to assist people with their personal discovery ‘who they really are’ in order to step up and embrace the life they want.

Jane continues travelling to conferences and trainings to expand her international qualifications and experience. She has now herself become a presenter at conferences and has begun to teach internationally.

Jane is qualified in and was personally trained with

  • Dr Eric Pearl (U.S) -Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection
  • Dr John Veltheim (U.S) – Founder of The BodyTalk System
  • Mike Booth (U.K) – Aura Soma Colour Therapy
  • Laura Clark (NZ) – Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences.


  • MindScape
  • Reiki
  • Bioptron Light Therapy
  • NZ Flower Essences
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Reflexology

Jane is 1 of 12 MindScape Instructors globally and is the only instructor based in the southern hemisphere.

“My commitment and passion is to assist our society throughout Australasia, with greater access and awareness of the power of the healing arts and holistic therapies.
I see the availability of education, information and knowledge, being key, for the advancement of each person’s experience of life.” – Jane Gruebner